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Good concept.

Controls could use some tweaking.
Also, don't know if you've noticed, but the use of Times New Roman ANYWHERE in a flash screams either slipshod or lazy (sometimes both). You may want to divert people's impressions of this game away from that.
Also, the choking sound for the death block is pretty unpleasant. You may want to just go with a nice eraser block instead, with a rubout sound or something. Background music would also be nice.

Pretty crappy game if you ask me.

Anything with the word Virus in the title should theoretically involve apocalyptic doom or, failing that, avoid any positive-mood mis en scene. This game may as well have been called "Save the red rubber ball guy from colored sheep and floating toys."
The gameplay itself does nothing to improve the game. Usually, when the lasso to catch the objects must start and end at a single, inconveniently-placed, hotspot, people are going to find the game much more frustrating than it needs to be.
I expect better from ArmorGames, and that's why I give this game a 1/5.

Three things.

1.) Scoring Mechanism.
2.) High Score Table.
3.) Longer Sound Loop.

And you will have a perfect timewaster game.

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Ansel responds:

high score table? Yeah, like anyone will ever play this once it leaves the portal :D

This is not a very good game...

Okay, given that you are attempting to make a rhythm-based game, consider the fact that shooting at targets with slow bullets is not a good idea, because the bullet takes a while to reach its target, meaning that the player is forced to not follow the beat, but instead shoot earlier than the beats to hit the targets. Also, the targets seem poorly coordinated with the music. As far as rhythm-based games go, this is fairly below average. 1/5 (sorry).

No good.

First of all, the game is in no way based on the "music" in the background. It does not base itself on the message or beat of any distinct tune. Also, the game is way too easy to get a perfect score on. I don't know if you noticed, but most of the people on the hi-score board have a perfect score, and I know it's a perfect score because I got one too. You seriously need to amp up the difficulty. Finally, the concept is just stupid. I mean, a chair monster throwing random objects at your toe?? You don't even have a monster in the game, which just goes to show that the plot was ball all means an afterthought on your part.


KyleDaFox responds:

Yes it's based on the song, SOMETHING IN MY TOES is the song, things are FLYING TOWARDS A TOE, jeez. Also, only 10 of 51 scores are perfect so not most of the people have em. It's a dust monster, not a chair monster. And you should learn to watch the game and look at certain things before you rip on them.

Good day.

I got news for you.

I assume this is a game meant to educate players about the importance of eating healthy, albeit indirectly. Well I'm here to tell you that you need to get your facts straight about milk. Milk is actually bad for you, being the cause of many diseases if drunk in excess (including the common cold and osteoperosis, yes OSTEOPEROSIS). Even soda, which we all know is simply liquified sugar, is less bad for you than milk. Just ask PETA.

My main complaint...

My main complaint is that the mouse hotspots are awfully hard to find or hit, so killing takes too much time, and that means more time exposed to the gayness than to the satisfying blood and gore.
Otherwise, it's a nice little stress reliever if you are one of millions of people who absolutely loathe Nick Jr. Or at least, it will be once you take my advice about making the mouse hotspots bigger.

Way too easy.

That's my only complaint. Plus, the difficulty level seems to be all over the map. I find that there are tough levels thrown in between really easy levels, and the whole game just doesn't seem very well designed. It is beyond me why this game is on the front page. It doesn't hold up to the other great movies and games on Newgrounds (IMHO). But on the plus side, it is in no way a bad game. Don't let this front page fluke tempt you into striving only for mediocrity from this point forward. Prove that you actually deserve such a prestigious award in the future.

Eggy responds:

Fluke? the 3.91 given over 4000 votes would say otherwise. I will certainly strive to earn my flukes in the future good sir.

The game is way too hard.

I get that I'm supposed to go to the beat and all, but needing to switch directions on the fly like that while simultaneously releasing and pressing A at the exact right moment is too much. This game would be more fun if there was more room for error, but given that you have to have reflexes like a double-jointed octopus to play this game, I can't support this game. You get a 1 for overlooking one of the most fundamental aspects of game design: moderation of difficulty.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

the difficulty is fine. You won't win on your first try and you'll get better every time. It takes more than one try to beat it, does a game automatically suck if you lose? If you've played guitar hero you'll know that everyone loses on their first couple tries

Nice game.

But a 0 for sound because the repetitive background music drives me to the brink of insanity.


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