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China is the 3rd largest country in Asia, but the most populated (over 1 billion people).
Russia is the largest country in Asia in terms of land area.

In spite of this bungling of facts, you get 7/10.

ArmorGames responds:

Asia as in just asia and not the outside of it. But still, I rephrased the question so it says most populated. Thanks!

No tutorial.

I'd have to say that for this kind of game, where there are a lot of controls that the player needs to understand, an interactive tutorial is necessary. Unfortunately, I found myself practically being held down and unable to move for some reason. Since the game had a higher than average learning curve and you didn't bother to give decent instructions on how to control your character (besides a succinct list of moves without detailed description), I had to rate this low.

Wow. 16 whole combinations.

Perhaps you should make more than two options for each part of the gun before submitting to Newgrounds. Hell, don't even bother until you've got at LEAST 5 options per feature.

I can't even figure out how to play.

I'm at a total loss as to what I'm supposed to do, or how I'm supposed to do it. The game is UNPLAYABLE.

Ooli responds:

Yeah it is not a "kill the moving cow" type of game, but it is far more simple than simcity or other management game.

Good. Just a few suggestions.

1.) Make the interface easier to read. I know making things circular is neat, but it's much harder to interpret out of the corner of your eye. Just make straight gauges; they're easier to keep track of. Also, make sure the health guage is the most prominent, then the shield gauge, then the special attack gauge. If you want to make sure the player doesn't forget to use a special attack, then make the gauge dark when not full, and have it flash rapidly when it finishes so it catches the player's eye. Also, let the player use items with the 1, 2, and 3 keys as well as the mouse.
2.) Create specific spawn points for enemies. Create visible doors into the arena, so the player knows where the enemies might come from, and where to stay away from. Nothing's more frustrating when a new enemy suddenly spawns right behind you.
3.) There are a few glitches with the music. It sometimes neglects to start up when the gameplay begins. Also, the movement of the enemies is a bit shifty. They often move a step to the left or right, but not evasively, more "slight rendering problem"-y.

Other than that, nice game, and here's to a good score.

Kelemas responds:

Thank you for the suggestions. I'll write some considerations here so everyone can read and give an opinion... if you don't mind!
I'll surely follow the first one... the 3 gauges already got some brighter colour when they are full, but evidently not enough :)
Regarding the "items with keys" I'll think about it a little, since it's done this way on purpose: only the topmost item can be used. Maybe i can add a Button to use it, but aren't there enough buttons already?
I'm open to opinions from the other users.
Number 2: consider it done :) The spawn points are already specific... (16 of them scattered on the perimeter) It's very easy to make them visible!
Number 3: The shifty movement: It's an added feature to make the movement a little realistic! Otherwise it seems the monsters are skating... :) I can eliminate that if it's ugly to see.
the music: some songs start with very low volume and than build up. Could that be hat you experienced?

Anyway... Thank you again!

Great game, but one little glitch.

When you pause the game, the special attack meter doesn't stop. Meaning you can use you special attack, pause for a minute, use your special attack, pause for a minute, and repeat. This may be fun to do, but exploiting this glitch makes the game TOO easy. So you might want to fix it.

Sorry to all the people who were using this glitch as a crutch. :)

This needs a LOT of improvement.

The learning curve is far too great.
The non-interactive tutorial is not very helpful. Make an interactive tutorial instead.
Marines and Aliens should be much, much more visible, because it's difficult to see anything.

It's good.

The right-click cheat works though, but it's just as well, 'cause the levels are extremely long and tiring to beat. There should be checkpoints inside each level so you don't have to start over each time.
Also, I got to the fifth level (with the lights out) before I quit. I'm gonna be honest, I'm afraid it might be a screamer. I'll wait and see what the reviews say.

Well done.

The game is solid. The controls are easy to handle, the movement feels natural, the gameplay is simple, and everything is good. All I would suggest is allowing infinite play, and sprucing up the graphics.

Honestly, I'm not too thrilled about this game.

For one thing, the perspective is totally screwy. The shape and angle of the boxes look distorted against the rest of the level. The floor tiles and also square (not rectangular, as a square tilted in 3D space would look). Pushing the boxes across the floor and onto switches, the perspective just seems totally out of whack.
Besides that, the gameplay itself is rather boring, presenting no truly engaging puzzles, just repetition.


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