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First off, I would like to say that you did not provide adequate instructions for this game. You should mention gravity in a game like this, because it caught me off guard. Second, I find it strange that the points of the bobber can touch the walls without striking out. That's pretty misleading.
I didn't particularly like the music you chose for this game, so I'm giving it a 4.
I will, however, give you a 1 for humor for the cute smiley faces. You could mention that they're worth points, by the way.

Try again. I can tell you have potential.

No good.

I am unimpressed. I have seen much, much better.

Graphics: Shoddy work. You really should have invested more time in this area. First impressions are important in the gaming field.

Style: Almost none.

Sound: None. Not good. A decent flash needs sound. Even a silent film should have a ragtime piano in the background. Games always need sound, no matter what kind of games they are.

Violence: None.

Interactivity: Average. Interpret this however you want.

Humor: None.

If you can't devote more energy to a flash than this, I suggest you find another calling, because this isn't for you.

Well, I didn't HATE it...

I wasn't too thrilled with this submission. It was pretty boring in its presentation, and provided little in the way of innovation.

Graphics: At least the blocks didn't look flat. Could've done with a background, though.

Style: Fairly non-existent, save for the 5-block clusters. Still, large blocks like that can make the game feel impossible at times. Maybe add some 3-block clusters to balance it out?

Sound: Music at the beginning was alright, but it ended and didn't loop. So, not too good.

Violence: None.

Interactivity: The blocks tend to move left and right a little too quickly when the keys are pressed. I would recommend fixing that.

Humor: None.

Final Verdict: You can do better. Try again.

This game is definitely NOT a piece of crap.

Great Blackjack game. I must say, it emulates the actual experience quite well (save for having no visible human dealer.) I saw no apparent flaws.

Some possible improvements:
1.) Add a "Take Winnings" button for players to end their current session and have their final score posted on a high-score table.
2.) Allow players to input their bet by typing it in the text box. The current system is a little slow if you want to bet high. Plus, it would let players bet in multiples of 5.

Graphics: It looks like a real Blackjack table, with the house rules on it and everything. The interface toolbar was pretty nice too.

Style: Like I said before, it emulates that casino feel quite well.

Sound: Pleasant and soothing. Even losing a hand sounds nice.

Violence: None.

Interactivity: It has all the options that real Blackjack offers you, including doubling down and insurance. Very nice. The betting system takes it down to a 9 though.

Humor: None.

Again, keep up the good work.

Nothing too special.

This is my very first day, so I'll attempt to christen my new account with a thorough and well-thought-out review.

Overall, it is a decent game. I can't say that it is particularly enjoyable, given its basic nature. Besides, once you figure out the perfect solution to Solitaire (the original name of this game), all replay value flies out the window. That's something you'll have to consider in future submissions.
I do like the replay feature, although it's wasted on this kind of game. If you decide to spread out into platformers or other action games, being able to relive your past performances will certainly be enjoyable.

Graphics: Well done. You can't do much better for a simple game like this.
Style: It's simple... too simple. I would say that you should try to program a more complex game (like Chess or Backgammon).
Sound: Good enough for this submission. Next time, try some background music as well.
Violence: None.
Interactivity: Given that it's a simulated board game, there isn't a whole lot of interaction to be had in this flash.
Humor: None.


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