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This is so incredibly frustrating!!! Why would you put such tight time restrictions to complete each level!? And whenever you die, you have to start all over again!? This is way too unfair to be fun. A good game not only provides decent challenge, but knows when to put a limit to the difficulty. I hereby sentence you to one blamming.

Not particularly good.

I wouldn't even classify this as a game. I would really call this a toy, considering that there is no way to lose the game. Sure, the black balls smack you around, but without any hazards or other ways to prematurely end play (i.e. getting a Game Over) or disrupt progress (i.e. restarting a level), there is no opposition or challenge, and therefore no fun. If you can only win, you can't have fun. Consider that next time.

0019 responds:

I had originally made this game where on the hitest with the black ball you fall into the death sequence. HOWEVER, everybody that had played it stated that it was too dificult. Therefore, this is the EASY version. The hard version is on my DA.

Pretty good game.

Really nice graphics, although the environments certainly could use work. I liked the music, but it was blatantly obvious as to where the loop began and ended, and that kinda made it hard to listen to. Also, 1 second of the music spilled over into the main menu before stopping abruptly. I think the menu could do with some background music.
Perhaps you could also add the option to allow players to customize the controls on their keyboard if it doesn't suit them.
But other than all that, you have a game with plenty of potential.

ChromeShark responds:

Interesting points about the music. The only solution I can think of to the looping is to have the tracks long enough so the end wouldn't be reached, but that would make the game a huge file size. I tried menu music but it didn't work, maybe I just tried a track that didn't fit. Keyboard customization might be pretty cool. Thanks for the review.

No good.

I didn't like this game. Not only were the graphics bland and the music annoying, but the controls were incredibly clunky. Plus, just the fact that you put a time limit on each play is rather redundant. I don't think you have to worry about people becoming interested (let alone addicted) to this game.

Pandoryk responds:

Ok then... i'll work the graphics to make it much "funky", and for the next step, i guess there will be a life bar (or something like that) so it will stop when the hero dies.
Thanks for the review, i need some bad commentary (but with arguments) like the one you let. :)

Not all that interesting.

The interface is fairly bland, and the game itself is frustratingly hard. But I don't hate it, so you get a PROTECT from me.

Too complicated.

You should at least have an interactive tutorial to let the player learn the ropes. Readable instructions just aren't enough for this kind of game. Plus, I felt that the interface you offered was too confusing, and was littered with unselectable options (due to being a Demo). Maybe if those were removed, it would make the interface cleaner.
As it is, the learning curve is inadequate for a 30-minute game.

Youdagames responds:

All the selection that have to be made will go in reading direction.
Sometimes the mid screen turns on meaning you have to make a selection there. When the action containers colors go green the red button will open and you are able to confirm them.

Not bad, not bad.

I'm not a big fan of first-person shooters myself, but I found this to be a pretty enjoyable game. I didn't like the lightning level, myself. I could only beat it after reading the spoilers posted by someone else. But other than that, good job.

Funny game, but let us post our scores.

Professional quality graphics and sound really makes this game fun to play. The stylized punches really made the game fun as well. And of course, the "no accountants were harmed" disclaimer really made my day. Very well done, all around. My only complaint is that you mandate players to sign up to your website before being posted on the hi-score board. That impacts the replay value for many of us, who would rather not commit to another site.

One BIG problem.

Collisions are detected for the player's fish and the enemy fish when their bounding boxes (rectangles which fully contain their respective sprites in their dimensions) touch. This results in the player's fish being able to eat fish that are several pixels away from the actual sprite (and conversely, be eaten by larger fish that seemed far enough away). That big bug is enough to drag your score down.

But I'm not totally heartless. I think this game has great potential. The graphics and sound are very well done, and the idea of making the fish robotic was very creative. In fact, if you fix that bug, I'll be willing to give you a review of 10 for your game. Alert me via e-mail if you get around to it, and I'll look at the new and improved version.

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First off, I would like to say that you did not provide adequate instructions for this game. You should mention gravity in a game like this, because it caught me off guard. Second, I find it strange that the points of the bobber can touch the walls without striking out. That's pretty misleading.
I didn't particularly like the music you chose for this game, so I'm giving it a 4.
I will, however, give you a 1 for humor for the cute smiley faces. You could mention that they're worth points, by the way.

Try again. I can tell you have potential.

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