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Not too easy, but not too hard. I managed to beat the boss on my first try without taking any noticable damage; of course, the lesser enemies managed to whittle me down to a mere fraction of my health, so I'm not complaining. The difficulty level is perfect, the coordination with the music is awesome (it reminds me of another flash that revolved around that song), and the entire package is overall great. I'm only giving this a 4/5, however, because there's little to no replay value. A high score table may fix that, though.

Okay, I suppose.

A few problems though.
1.) The ball retains the same vertical speed no matter what angle it's hit at, so the total speed (horizontal speed factored in) is faster the more at an angle the ball is hit at.
2.) Graphics may be difficult for you now, but at least pick out better colors than what I'm seeing here. Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple would have looked better.

This has some potential.

One suggestion: have an increasing point rate for lasting multiple rounds in one play. Since you retain all your points after you die (for upgrades), and you are always rewarded the same amount of points no matter how for you're into the game, there's no incentive to avoid the spikes other than to avoid clicking Restart.

NICFLIC responds:

Simply. Awesome. Idea.

How to implement it is the question. Now that you point it out, that's a really annoying feature. You can rest assured 2.5 will be fixed.

No graphics, terrible gameplay.

The fact that this game is entirely text-based hurts this flash quite a bit, but what really destroys it is the fact that gameplay is so incredibly dependant on luck, and does not provide the player with decent information (i.e. requirements for shelter, signal, etc.) or provide opportunities for the player to make real, meaningful decisions. You cannot prioritize finding coconuts over chasing an animal for food, for example.

In short: IT SUCKS.

Okay, good.

Like you said, it's not much, but at least it's fully functional, and available in one and two player modes. One thing I would fix: Make the ball go towards Player 2 when Player 1 misses, not towards Player 1 when Player 1 misses. Otherwise, good. Not great, but... good.

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AcidicFlame responds:

Yeah, I came across that problem when I was testing it and I thought I fixed it, but I guess not. :D
Thank you for the kind words.

I hate screamers.

They're cheap ways to scare somebody. Still, it wasn't that freaky, compared with other screamers. But I'm still giving this flash 0s.

The screamer comes a few seconds after the 2nd dot in the 3rd part of the test.

Bounce... bounce... bounce...

I'm going to say that without some kind of reward system (you know what I mean), it's not really worth playing.

Hooray for old internet memes?

It probably would have been better if we could go to the next fact without having to wait 10 seconds each time.

Two problems.

1.) Music restart glitch when entering and exiting the cheat menu.
2.) You only lose if the middle pixel of the bubble hits a wall. That makes things a little too easy.

Otherwise, not bad.

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125Maniac responds:

yeah, in the long-overdue sequel i've fixed those problems.


The concept of the game is okay. The Game Over sequence doesn't work though. It just leaves your bubble all alone on the field. So... yeah.


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