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The controls stopped responding...

partway into level 1. I think you need to take a look into it. Otherwise, a good game overall, but the glitch takes it below the blam threshold. Just resubmit it when you find and fix the glitch, k? Also, the Q key is not ideal to use in tandem with the ASD buttons, especially when As and Qs come at about the same time. Maybe switch it to ASDF?

brokenjoe responds:

I don't think that's a glitch with the game. I'm not sure what the ideal situation is for controls and I doubt you do. Everyone complains about controls in every game. It works fine though. It really shouldn't be blammed for some weird glitch that only you're getting. I think what happened was that you clicked outside of the game and thus typing into nothing.


This is a musical masterpiece! The game itself could involve a little more input from the player than spacebar mashing, but who cares? The journey is fantastic, and it fits with Paragon's music so well! I'm giving this one all my 5, a rare occurence indeed. You deserve every woot.

Good concept. One suggestion.

The cursor's size is incredibly distracting, and lowers my accuracy overall, because I can't focus on the little red crosshair only. If you could just get rid of everything except the red part of the cursor, that would help make it easier to be accurate with clicking.

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Johnny responds:

Will definitely take that into consideration for a sequel. Thanks!

Drums could use some tweaking.

They don't synch up very well with the other instruments. Other than that, a solid submission.

Perry responds:

yeah some of the instruments are great cuz my musician doesnt play all of them as much as the guitar

Good concept, but unfortunately...

The first level (the only one I played) drags on for about one minute after the actual song stops. This is a huge loss to your overall score because, after all, it is a rhythm game. You need to do a better job of coordinating notes with music than that if you want to get good scores.
The graphics could also be more engaging. A black background is boring, and doesn't make the game stand out visually.

Other thing is that you need to make a separate Help screen instead of making a scrolling marquee of instructions. People will naturally click Play the moment the game loads, and since it loads fast, they won't realize the existence of the instructions in time. It's good to have instructions there and all, but since there are no other ways to access the instructions after clicking Play, so players have to reload the game to read them. And fast readers will get tired waiting to read all the instructions at the pace of the marquee. BOTTOM LINE: MAKE A HELP PAGE ACCESSIBLE FROM THE MENU.

But the game is an interesting concept, and it's entertaining to try and focus on playing two games at once. You did it well enough that it doesn't become a balancing nightmare.
So between the good and the bad, it's a 2 from me. Fix up some of the problems, and it'll be 4 material.

Damn, this is tough.

But it's a good game, and especially impressive seeing as its your first real game. An innovative concept, but could be better with sound and spruced up graphics. Also, a reset button would be nice, in case players are too impatient waiting for the level to reset itself. Looking forward to your next.

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Hexedian responds:

Thanks for the comment; both the in-game instructions and the game description will tell you that the space bar resets the level.

It requires two people at the same keyboard.

If you didn't realize that that would kill your game right off the bat (because no one on Newgrounds actually has a friend outside the internet), then the poorly coordinated controls, the non-panning screen (which makes you feel distant from the action), and the very mediocre graphics should have at least given you some clue. Do some serious tweaking with this game, and hopefully the next time you submit it, it'll be good enough to pass.

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What can I say? It's Pong. It's been done before. The graphics are less than spectacular, the concept is a rehash in the highest sense, the sound is rather sparse, and it's overall not impressive enough to really be on the portal. Even if it does go through, it will surely be placed in the lower ranks of the portal, where no one will play it. So whether it gets blammed or saved, the end result for your game is necessarily the same.
Okay, I think I've depressed you enough for now.

It's a bad idea...

...to make the cursor invisible while inside the window. I'm moving as vertically as I can, but I really can't help making some horizontal movement. So when the cursor goes too far left or right (and you can't tell, because the cursor is invisible), it leaves the window, and easily messes me up when otherwise I'm doing quite well. Anyway, I think the cursor should remain visible at all times so that players know to adjust their mice to keep from messing up gameplay.
Nevertheless, I managed to beat it, and it was an overall amusing game, but I would have liked it a little more if it weren't for this one thing.

GazSmithGames responds:

Thank you and i must admit i noticed this to, but this is the one little bug type thing that i noticed and i thought to myself, "would this game be better with a cursor? or worse?" I beleave that it would be less fun with a cursor and more like a 'mouse collector' if you must.

Thanks for the review.

Instinct to click.

That doesn't translate to instinct to cheat. Some objects are activated by clicking (like the 'Start' and 'Back' buttons), while others are rollover (The green dot to start the maze, which in my defense looks like a button). Many a time I was sent to the beginning of the game because I instinctually clicked on the green dot.
I think this game would be a little better if all interactive objects were used in the same way (i.e. ALL clickable or ALL rollover). Consistency in control is more vital to games than you may expect.

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CrossdresserInPink responds:

I've changed it so now to start the maze or level you click the button and also now if you click you won't be sent back.

At least you shouldn't.


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