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After all this time, I finally understand.

The CC is a lie.

This game is great, and I am looking forward to Shift 3.
One idea for the next installment, though. Obviously, black and white are central themes to the game, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't make the two look a little snazzier. Add some subtle gradients to the two colors. Give the whitespace a tinge of blue, and give the blackspace a tinge of purple. Add color in such a way that it makes the game feel less flat, but without interfering with gameplay.


Mouse up to the top right corner, and a hidden icon will appear. Click it.
The mouse position is now inverted. Click on the Settings button.
A fake menu asking if you want to allow remote access to your webcam. Click Yes.
Click one of the four menu buttons("Play Game", "Extras", "More Games", "Credits")
Another "Settings" button will appear at the top of the screen. It will move away every time you try to click it. Make it move away 9 times.
The "Settings" button will stop moving away. Click it 32 times.
Click on the menu buttons six times.
Click the hidden icon in the top right corner.


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You should add extra features.

Maybe the option to use 4x4 or 5x5 playing fields, as well as optional rules from the original Triple Triad, like Open, where the opponent can see your hand, and the Direct trading rule, where both players get to take any cards that are or have been changed to their color at the end of the game.
One thing you can do to make the game easier to comprehend visually would be that instead of putting all the numbers in the top left corner, like the original game, put the numbers next to their corresponding edges. It makes it easier to see which two numbers are being calculated, at least for newcomers to the game.

Psst... I have a special strategy...

But don't tell anyone I told you. Ready?

1.) Start by putting in the first color (red) in all of the slots. Find out how many red pegs are in the combination.


2.) Change as many pegs that are not the right color to the next color (if this is your first time through this step, the next color will be green). So if none of the pegs in the answer are the right color, switch them all to the next color. If two of the pegs are the correct color, switch two to the next color, and leave the other two alone, etc.

EXAMPLE: Two correct colors in the correct position. New Answer: RRGG

If none of the colors from your last answer were correct, repeat step 2.
If at least one color from your last answer was correct, continue to step 3.

3.) Most likely, you will have at least one peg in the wrong position. Change the position of as many pegs that are in the wrong position. Remember to only focus on moving the pegs that you know are the correct color.
If you have the same number of correctly-colored pegs as from the last answer, then the new color is not in the solution. Change the new color pegs to the next color, and start this step from the beginning.
If you have more correctly-colored pegs in your latest answer, change as many pegs of the new color that are of the wrong color to a new color, and start this step from the beginning.


1.) RRRR (Two correct colors in correct position. Change two peg colors.)
2.) RRGG (One correct color in correct position, One incorrect color in wrong position. Change position of one red peg, and change green pegs to new color.)
3.) RBRB. (Two correct colors in incorrect position. Move both red pegs to new positions, and change blue pegs to new color.)
4.) YRYR (Three correct colors in the correct position. Change one of the yellow pegs to a new color.)
5.) WRYR (Two correct colors in the correct position, two correct colors in the wrong position. Switch the yellow and white pegs.)

With this strategy, you can beat the mastermind with ease, even on Hard difficulty.

P.S. Sorry, Michael Swain.

Very entertaining!

Little continuity problem: If you agree to be the gopher right away, you never learn about the three students getting offed until the very end, when it becomes a "choice" for your wish.

That technicality aside, I felt it was very well done, especially for two days work. The transformation cinematic was awesome. The only reason I don't think it deserves a full 10 is because it's not very interactive, and the resolution is particularly low. Still, an awesome submission. I hope to see more from you.


Few redeeming qualities.

The small window prevents you from seeing incoming objects until a couple seconds before they hit, and since objects come rather infrequently, it becomes a rather unsettling waiting game.

Also, the mini turrets are practically handicaps that you spend your hard-earned points on. They're totally useless for hitting targets, as they only shoot in random directions at infrequent intervals. Also, the first target it did hit was a power-up, which reduced my progress meter even though I had no say in the matter. So ultimately, I wasted 30 points for something that harms more than helps. Which is incredibly frustrating. It's poor design, if you ask me.

Overall, I feel the game is shoddily crafted, and requires a lot (and I mean A LOT) more work before it can be considered fun.

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Way too easy.

The game really does nothing to try and trip you up. The game can easily be won in 5 bets. And your reward is a simple You Win screen, which hardly seems worth it.

It's okay.

There are some collision detection problems though, mainly with the trees. I notice that I'm colliding even though I'm a few feet away from the trunk of a tree, so you're going to need to fix that.


Not awesome or amazing, but neat. Though I think it's been done before, and to the level that it translates numbers to and from binary, decimal, and hexadecimal.



It's an interesting game.

Very strategic, and well-designed. It's interesting how both parties are restricted to one color on the board. However, I don't like how that restricts regular movement to diagonal only, especially when there is a clear horizontal or vertical path to your destination, but an ally is blocking your path so you must take the long way around. Other than that, it's a good game.

The text is way too small.

I can't even read it unless I move in close to the screen. And if I do that, I'm pretty sure some freaky zombie is going to pop up to scare the shit out of me. Even if it isn't you really need to fix the text so people don't have to lean in to read. Also, let people click to advance the tutorial instead of letting it run automatically, to ensure that nobody misses any important tips because it went too fast.

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uh.. well yah.. I will try to work on that.


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