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Kinda good, but not very interesting or useful.

It's an okay application, but I wouldn't see it as being a useful tool, considering I have a little program called Microsoft Word that does all the functions in this flash and much, much, much more.

It's a good concept, but...

The main hang-up I have about this game is that the mouse lags a bit. You might need to fix that, because cursor accuracy is crucial for a mouse avoider game.

tank2tank responds:

Interesting- I actually made it work like this on purpose because I wanted it to play like it was 'following' the mouse.

It glitched the first time I made a goal.

The enemy paddle collided into the ball just as it passed the rescue threshold, and the game froze.
So sorry, gotta blam it. Good graphics, though.

I must be insane...

Because I voted a 3 for this.
Either that or I've managed to hypnotize myself into doing your bidding.

Lifes-a-Bitch responds:

You're right, you are insane. I was expecting this to get blammed :S

Education Value: Low.

All this would teach kids is that shooting mutable fruit at tiny, annoying creatures makes them spontaneously disappear and reappear in a different spot... every so often. No collision is detected between fruit and Wiggis unless the fruit comes in contact with their center pixels.
So basically, you would confuse children into thinking that fruit is for throwing, and that it sometimes becomes intangible and phases right through the target.


The gameplay is a little boring, and the cursor controls aren't as accurate or responsive as they could be. But overall, okay.

I can't guard.

When I move the mouse away from Luis, he still attacks. And of course, his attacks are more powerful, so I can't just beat him down. How the fuck do I block!?

I don't think it's enough to put directions in the Author's comments. They need to be in the game as well.

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pezzo responds:

sorry but theres no block and thx for the review

I beat it. It's pretty good, but could be better.

My suggestion is to add upgrades to your gun in between levels, and not put a limit on the number of levels in a game.

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Well I totally saw that coming.

Clicking on Angreh Face gives you the angreh face easter egg shocker, predictably. And of course, I turned my sound down ahead of time. I have to say, even for a "screamer", this is incredibly pathetic. You didn't even attempt to disguise the surprise, and the quality of the flash overall is so terrible, you know that it must be a screamer, since screamers only focus on the shock, never the buildup. And even the angreh face was terribly done.
If it were possible, I'd give you a -1/0.

UnknownFear responds:

Congratulations. You stated the obvious. You do Newgrounds proud.

It's not bad.

The Benny Hill theme in the background really fits the game. And the game itself is delightfully fast-paced and charming. My main concern is that, more times than I can count, either the computer or I missed the ball even though it seemed as though the paddle made direct contact. You may want to look into that.

LegolasFIN responds:

Its because the pad have to be squared, and if i would put pineapple smaller, he would be too small! and soviet is circle so hes harder to fit


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