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I swore I'd never sign in to NG again, but...

This game is so good, I had to sign back in just so I could say how incredible this game is. It is one of the most creative and inspired creations I have ever seen, and it deserves nothing but praise.

There is only a single issue I think needs to be addressed: The blocks should push Mario if he's hit from the side, instead of damaging him.

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I'm not big on this game.

The overall concept is cool, sort of a Kirby For Adults game. But this game is riddled with enough flaws to keep me from really enjoying it.

1.) The perspective makes combat a pain. Whether it's trying to pick up a weapon, trying to run around the enemy without getting hit, the difficulty of properly guesstimating how far up and down to run causes quite a bit of frustration.

2.) Picking Up Weapons. Like I said before, picking up weapons is difficult. Not only that, but you never tell us that you CAN pick up weapons, or how to do it. So for a while, I assumed that they were just there for decoration, as I failed to pick them up when I tried. (You have to press A when you're standing right on top of a weapon.)

3.) Using Weapons. It feels like a generic feature in contrast to the aforementioned Kirby-style gameplay. It also feels slapped on, given the lack of instructions for picking up weapons. Besides that, weapons, no matter their shape or size, don't change your fighting style or range. Unfortunately, using weapons is necessary at many points in the game.

4.) Not enough edibles. Or rather, not everything is edible. It's not like there are more subtle edibles which blend in with the scenery but provide better powerups. You can't eat a loose brick from the wall and spit bricks at opponents. You should give the player opportunities to feel clever, like eating bullets and shooting them back.

Those are the major points. Again, the concept is great, and the story is humorous, but the overall execution leaves a lot to be desired.

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I do enjoy these types of games.

This is no exception. Excellent use of the 3rd dimension, good graphics, and good choice of BGM. The only complaint I have is that it's too short.

Cute pictures, terrible game.

Make the game larger. Most adventures end with one choice, and the consequences are often arbitrary.

And of course, don't use pictures of your dogs for an adventure game. It doesn't match.

Very addicting.

Since it's obvious how well-designed and generally awesome this game is, I'm just going to skip ahead to what needs to be improved:

1.) Allow players to change their upgrade if they get downgraded. For example, if the player upgrades to a Fighter 1, and then loses that upgrade from being damaged, when the player collects enough bubbles to re-reach the upgrade checkpoint, he should be allowed to upgrade to Balanced 1 or Heavy 1.
This way, if a player chooses an upgrade that is too hard for them to use, they can lose the upgrade and pick a form better suited for their style of play.

2.) Add an in-game guidance system. The map is handy, no doubt, but using it is a bit inconvenient. The player should not have to re-enter the menu screen every 3 bubble fields to check where he's been. Instead, in the game screen, there should be arrows pointing to the nearest bubble field(s) with enemies. Then the player can simply go wherever the arrows point, making the game even more casual.

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The controls suck ass.

I know it's not what you want to hear, but it's true.

The tank controls are just not suited for this kind of game. It dampens the whole submission, I'm afraid.

Resubmit this using up-down-left-right movement with the WASD keys, and aiming with the cursor. It would work a lot better.

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It was actually a little too easy.

Once you figure out that you should keep your fingers off the up and down keys until about 2/3 in, the only hard part left is the rising blood trap. It only took me about 10 tries to be successful.

So good job, but try to add just a little more challenge next time.

...mmm... donut.... nom nom nom nom...

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Too easy, but interesting story.

This game presented almost no challenge, but I believe that in this case, it played a backseat role to the story, which starts as non-existant, and suddenly reveals itself in the endgame.

Nevertheless, there appeared to be an imbalance of focus between gameplay and story: difficulty and content were sacrificed for artistic expression. As much as I admire this unique approach, the result is not as astoundang as it could have been.

I'll give you points for effort though, and I encourage these types of games in the future. Just remember not neglect gameplay, and create an experience that is as challenging and engaging as it is unique and rewarding.

An enjoyable timewaster.


The graphics and the music both remind me of Katamari Damacy, a game I enjoy quite a bit. The levels are fun and engaging, with the Doeo's appearing in ways that correspond with the setting instead of seeming (completely) illogical. And the experience of the game is sure to be memorable, at least for first time players.


The game itself is pretty limited. There are only 5 levels (not counting the boss level), and since the levels always play exactly the same, there's no replay value. It's also frustrating that you need to make an account with Shockwave.com to record your scores (it costs money).

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raitendo responds:

oh, you have to register?? that sucks, it didn't use to be like that. should have used mochiads' high score board for the general release... oh well, for the next release I suppose!
Thanks for the review.

I keep getting glitches.

Unfortunately, I ended up becoming too frustrated to continue with this game. Too frequently, the ball rolls over the walls and out of the game. I know that if it were working perfectly, the ball would not be allowed to do this. It's especially frustrating when you're doing everything correctly, and you lose because of a stupid glitch. It may be that the cracks in the walls allow the ball to glitch through. Whatever the reason, I can't enjoy this game unless you fix this.

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