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I have let you down.

2007-12-22 19:01:58 by videogamer0810

My very, very long break is winding down, and I've failed to make another 4.00+ scoring audio submission. I have been without inspiration for so long that I am afraid I have lost my touch. In realization of this horrifying truth, I will cease my audio work until further notice. So long, and thanks for the memories.


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2007-12-23 04:47:11

Wuss. Wah mah musik don get gud scores wah.

How about you just make something you like and ignore the scores. Nobody rates audio submissios anyway.

videogamer0810 responds:

It's not so much that I haven't submitted music that has been well-received. It's that I've felt completely uninspired recently, so I can't bring myself to make anything.


2007-12-23 23:07:51

have a marry christmas !!!!