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Right now, I've got an original song in the making. The latest version can be found in the portal. However, it is by no means the final version. I'm just submitting it to the portal due to having not submitted anything for a while now. The song will be updated every so often. I will make a new post every time the song is updated.

NOTE: If you were unfortunate enough to hear either of the first two versions of the song, please give it another listen. I promise you that this version is MUCH, MUCH better.

Wonderful News

2007-11-16 10:05:29 by videogamer0810

EDIT: It's done! The Fall Quarter is finally done!!!

Every year, the college I go to gives students the longest winter break of any college, starting just before Thanksgiving and ending just after New Year's. So what will I do with all this free time? Why, compose and submit new songs to the audio portal, of course! Lucky you!


2007-11-02 09:42:09 by videogamer0810

I'm a police captain!

This is a News Post.

2007-10-29 21:49:42 by videogamer0810

It is made of News and Fluff.

(Sorry for no updates.)


2007-08-27 17:09:39 by videogamer0810

Alright, I'll stop making promises, because I keep breaking them. Problem is, I'm feeling fairly unsatisfied with the quality of my work lately, and I can't seem to find ways to make it better. If anybody reads this, and knows where I can get decent electric guitar sounds (because the music loops I have aren't cutting it), please reply. Preferably for free.


2007-08-27 09:35:44 by videogamer0810

Okay, so I lied. But I am working on a remix of Sonic 2's Aquatic Ruin. I'll try to finish that as soon as possible.

Been banned.

2007-08-24 21:53:14 by videogamer0810

Well, since I'm not allowed to be on the forums for a couple more days, I guess that means I have an excuse to make more songs. Lucky you!

Movin' Out.

2007-08-07 23:59:10 by videogamer0810

Bad news, folks: No new songs by me in a while. There are a few things getting in the way of my drive and ability to make music.
Most prominently, I will be busy moving out of my home into my first apartment, so I'll be on my own for the very first time. It's an exciting and frightening transition all at once. It's also going to take some adjusting, and I've never been great with dealing with changes. I'm going to need quite a while to get my bearings back in the real world before I can dive back in to teh interwebz.
So in short, don't expect anything new for a few weeks. But don't lose heart; you can always re-listen to the works already in the portal. I haven't gotten sick of them yet, so you shouldn't either.

I don't have much to say, so I'll just provide a link. /90562

New song!

2007-07-31 23:16:04 by videogamer0810

Calling all... fan. My latest song is now in the portal: A remake on Star Light Zone from Sonic 1. Go check it out!